• Original Rubik´s Cube 3x3 57 mm with digital printing: in 10 days!

    RC357 Digi
    Rubik´s Cube 3x3 57 mm with digital printing and picture-quality. Small quantities from 25 pcs in 10 working days only! The classic standard colors are red, yellow, green, blue, orange and white. The white side we can customize with your layout with digital printing and picture-quality and with lamination. Therefore the iconic promotional item turns to a perfect Give-Away for your brand communication. On the yellow side there is the Original Rubik´s Logo, so you can be sure to receive the Original one with high quality level. It is a perfect advertising item for smaller companies and small Events like for example a press conference or anniversary. Also suitable for industry and associations. Due to the very quick delivery time it is perfect for fast and express urgent delivery dates.
    order sample

    Printable Area

    1 side with 9 squares approx. 16,8 x16,8mm


    approx. 57x57x57 mm


    approx. 120 g

    Delivery Time

    Delivery time approx. 1-2 weeks after order confirmation.


    each in openend polybag

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