• Original Rubik´s Cube USB Mini

    RC USB Mini
    Rubik´s Cube USB mini! 2 GB to 32 GB, USB 2.0. Print your logo in photo-quality on all sides. An eyecatcher as promotional item.  By turning the top cube you can hide the USB-connector. Attach to your keychain with the string provided. With pleasure we create you a free 3D animation with your company logo. Optional: preload of your data, autorun or linking to your website.
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    Printable Area

    6 sides with 14 squares à approx. 14,4x14,4 mm


    approx. 51x17x17 mm, weight approx. 14 g

    Delivery Time

    Production time after order clarity: approx. 3 weeks
    Delivery by air freight: plus approx. 1-2 weeks. Counter sample (recommended): plus approx. 2 weeks. Please ask for shorter delivery times! If counter samples are not immediately released or additional counter samples are requested (additional charge) delivery time may be extended.


    each in polybag then white giftbox, 6x50 pcs in carton, approx. 5 kg/carton, approx. 50x36x16,8 cm, Standard delivery with black base material, white base material optional with extra charge

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