• Rubik´s Cube Pen

    RC Pen
    The Original Rubik´s Pen is the first pencil with puzzle effect! Just turn the three middle cubes to the right picture and the pen loose itself to use for writing. With a string on the first cube it is a perfect advertising item together with a lanyard to carry the pen on your way. Perfect for trade fairs and events. With this promotional item you can inspire all ages. All sides can be fullcolor customized with 4C process printing with picture-quality. The ink color is usually black.
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    Printable Area

    all 5 sides are printable in full color process (picture quality), per side 13 squares approx. 14,4x14,4 mm


    approx. 130x17x17 mm


    approx. 15 g

    Delivery Time

    Production time after order clarity: approx. 3 weeks
    Delivery by air freight (additional charge): plus approx. 1-2 weeks. Delivery via sea freight: plus approx. 7-8 weeks. Counter sample (recommended): plus approx. 2 weeks. Please ask for shorter delivery times! If counter samples are not immediately released or additional counter samples are requested (additional charge) delivery time may be extended.


    each in polybag and white giftbox, 6x100 pcs in export carton, approx. 14,5 kg/export carton, approx. 51x27x48 cm, Standard delivery with black base material, delivery with white base material optional with extra charge

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